Even wash my dishes

" I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13. Wow, the power in that verse, but do I really believe it means "all thing"? In my mind I think "ohh that is only talking about things like handling temptation, surviving persecution, or the boldness to speak up for God". On the contrary all means all. I know the verse before is talking about Paul being content whether living in abundance or suffering. I still find I can apply this Philippians verse to all things, even everyday life, because we allow the mundane everyday things of our life to affect our hearts and dictate if we shine for God or not.

God cares about the everyday things. Look at Proverbs 31 or Titus 2 if you question taking care of those around us and our home is important. When we do all our everyday things with out arguing or complaining we can shine like the stars of the universe and holding out the word of life to others (Philippians 2:14-16).

So today I pray. "Praise you, Jesus, that you care about even the little responsibilities in my life and you will give me the strength and power to get them done. I can do all things, even wash my dishes and pick up my home through You, my Messiah, who strengthens me".

What's happening?

This year has been a busy year. Last year as well as this year were difficult, but these past few months have seen healing and restoration. This coming year is going to be a good year. So what's been happening?

Throughout everything our children keep growing. It seems that always happens no matter what you try. Earlier in the year I explored some of the science and art of surveying and started writing a resection calculator. The experimental results were promising even though the angle measurements were primitive.

Drupal scalability, Part 3

We were finally able to upgrade the database server disks last September before the frenzy of PCI compliance consumed everyone's spare cycles. The old configuration was a three disk RAID 5 array, new configuration is a six disk RAID 10 array using 15k RPM disks. I finally got to write a TPS report:

OLD: 90-100 TPS
NEW: 400-415 TPS sustained, ~800 TPS peak

So we're at about 400 writes per second, up from 90. To make fair comparisons I stuck with the same simple tests with ApacheBench.

Happy Bread

downsize.jpgFor a family gathering I offered to bring the bread. My plan was to alter the recipe to make it egg free so my nephew would be able to enjoy it as well. As I know substitutions don't always work I decided to make a test batch. Friday morning was low key and we were not going anywhere so I decide it would be a good time to bake. So I started the bread calmly expecting to just make some bread and not hilarity. All went as planned I used flax seed and water instead of eggs and the dough rose.

Finally Snow

Snow has finally come, now that we are in the second week of November. This is the first year in my memory that I didn't see snow by at least October. The kids are excited about the snow especially Rachael who has been asking me every five minutes if she can go play in the snow.

I left Facebook

That's right, I left Facebook. Cedar dislikes facebook and doesn't like me using his computer to get on it. So rather than allowing facebook to add tension to our lives, I am gladly letting it go. I am planning on keeping this website up to date with pictures and family updates. I will miss my friends posts and being able to keep up on there lives, but I will find new ways to do so.

Drupal scalability, Part 2

This is a follow up to a writeup I did last year. Read the previous article about Drupal scalability for the back story. In five months nearly nothing has changed in the production environment at work. What has changed is my understanding of disk performance, as it relates to databases, and the power of higher level caching.

I couple months ago I spent many hours looking at disk stats in Linux with the iostat utility. How many writes per second can a three disk RAID 5 array do?

Wireless everywhere!

I had the opportunity to play with a laptop with wireless networking this weekend. I installed Ubuntu and fired up Kismet to make some sense of the RF energy permeating our home. I had expected to find a handful of our neighbors' networks, but to my surprise there were 46 wireless networks. Not content with this new information, I wondered how far away these networks are.

I decided to hop in the car and drive around our neighborhood, which covers about one quarter of a square mile. In no time the number of networks doubled, then tripled and kept climbing.

How many disks does it take to screw in a database?

My previous experience with optimizing disk performance in Linux revolved around getting huge chunks of data off disk quickly, but this means nothing to a typical database. Databases are usually limited by how many IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) the disk subsystem can sustain. The database servers at work have plenty of RAM so disk reads nearly always come from the disk cache and disk writes appear to be our bottleneck.

The database servers each have a RAID 5 array with three 10k RPM drives, while the web servers each have mirrored 15k RPM drives. all SAS.

^V Esc c

Ever mess up your terminal by echoing something stupid, like cat /var/log/apache2/access.log.2.gz when you though you already gunzipped it?