Ideal Kind of Day

Yesterday was a good day, the kind of day that just makes me smile.

Broken Toast

I have heard of moms thinking up with creative ideas to deal the ever changing events that happen with children. With the birth of Avner (child number 3), I have been hoping that I too would have creative bursts that could help me through my day. This morning I finally had a creative idea.

אַבְנֵר שְׁמוּאֵל

It's a boy! Avner Shmuel Myers was born on the 2nd at 03:08, 2950g and 48.5cm; just larger than the width of a rackmount server, but certainly not as heavy. English speakers will know Avner as Abner, and is mentioned a few places in the Bible. Look near the end of 1 Samuel Chapter 14 and the first few chapers of 2 Samuel. For pronunciation notice the nikkud on אַ, which is a Patach.

Mom and baby are both doing well.

Last day of 2009 little blessings and high hopes for 2010

On this last day of 2009, I have been given many precious little blessings.

I said I would write

All the best intentions. Now to follow through. I said my goal was to write something at least once a month, this starts now. So many times I will have thoughts flitting through my head and I think I should share them. Now that I am sitting down writing I can't recall any of them. A little update. Rachael is singing more and more, where before she sang a word or two of a song now she sings them all and does the motions. Obed's curiosity gets him into everything I want him to stay out of and he is getting faster on his feet. Cedar is enjoying his job.

Heart rate calculator

Your Age:

Max Heart Rate:
Zone 5
Zone 4
Zone 3
Zone 2
Zone 1
(ACSM Recommendation for Intenstiy of Aerobic Exercise for Apparently Healthy Adults)

Fans, Heatsinks, and adapters, oh my!

I got my order from Newegg. A bunch of heatsinks and fans, and a keyboard for the wife. I plan to use the heatsinks for LED lighting. I also got a few fans to compare with the stock fans that come with the heatsinks.

Drupal scalability

The company I work for currently runs numerous Drupal websites, which are now beginning to experience performance issues. The hardware in the production environment "seems" adequate, but nobody really knows what the problem is or how to address it. The camel's straw, as far as acceptable performance, seems to be the last website we put into production, which shares this same server infrastructure.

Use a volume manager

Ubuntu 9.10 is here. In trying to upgrade my desktop I was informed

Not enough free disk space
The upgrade is now aborted. The upgrade needs a total of 1116M free space on disk '/usr'. Please free at least an additional 797M of disk space on '/usr'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.

Hmm, ok. All I need to do is resize my partition. Fortunately I configured my system to use LVM and have a separate volume for /usr, with free space in the volume group. With online resizing, there's no unmounting, no single user mode, no hassle...

I'm Swell

If you've asked me lately how I'm doing, I may have said, I'm just "swell". Actually...