2013-2014 School debrief

We made it through our first year of "officially homeschooling" in early May. After the first two weeks, our honeymoon period, we hit a few rough spots but we still came out well . First, the harder parts so I can finish with the good stuff.

Two curriculums were too much. The plan was My Father's World kindergarten for the boys and Sonlight Core B, for my daughter. We did alright for a while but a couple months in I was overwhelmed. I thought is was just difficult because part of our life became unsettled as we were trying to help an other family in a tough place. I planned to stop MFW only until things settled. When things calmed down we started again but it was still too much so I gave up on the MFW all together. The boys had already listened in with Rachael on all the Core B stuff so we just continued with them doing that. I don't want to make MFW sound bad. I liked the teachings and had I been doing only that program things would likely have been different.

Another rough spot was butting heads with Rachael when she didn't want to do some of her assignments. I figure this problem keeps me in the normal grouping of parents. During the first two weeks of school I felt like super mom as I not only did school but I was making head way house keeping. Yeah, that fell flat fairly quickly after those first 2 weeks although because of other circumstances a lot of de-cluttering and some organizing did get done through out the year but I can not say the process was smooth.

Now for the highlights.

I felt a lot better once I let go of MFW and the boys did just fine listening in on Core B. Sonlight is alot of reading out loud so for two young ones to be able to listen in on all that reading is a good thing. Our history books with all the pictures of different places and cultures we were learning about became favorite books and were taken everywhere by all three children. Our experience with the read a louds was great. I saw what I had previously only read about happen in my home-- my children begging for another chapter.

Swimming and Rachael's dance class could have been listed in the harder part as they were extra but I see them as highlights as they went well and the children loved them. Those classes also gave me some short bits of me time during our week.

The greatest thing about the 2013-2014 school year is we finished our first year of homeschool and I still think it was a good idea and I want to continue.

Next week I will be going over our curriculum choices for 2014-2015.