2014-2015 Curriculum

This year's curriculum has been ordered and to my joy has arrived. I find it kind of scary how excited I got about its arrival. I have to wonder what the Fed Ex guy was thinking as I ran out of the house at the sound of his truck stopping near my house.

On tap for 2014-2015.. back by popular demand is.... Sonlight! I loved Sonlight last year and am looking forward to another good year. Despite doing Core B last year we are stepping back to Core A. When I chose Core B last year I was choosing a core just for Rachael, not expecting to keep do the same core with the boys. After giving up on doing a separate curriculum for the boys and they spent the year listening in on core B I realized I could work with all three children on one core. Despite the boys doing alright with Core B I felt it had been a bit above them and didn't want to jump ahead to Core C. Core A still fits Rachael but is a bit easier and will group the children better especially for the boys. I didn't know if I was crazy thinking about going out of order but after consulting Sonlight's advisors and other parents on Sonlight's forums I was informed that I would not be crazy for going from B to A then C. So Core A Intro to World: Cultures from Sonlight it is. That takes care of Bible, history and geography. Like last year I am looking forward to the Read-a-louds. A new set of books to read to my children. We will be starting with a favorite of mine from my childhood, The Boxcar Children. I can't wait to introduce Henry, Jesse, Violet and Benny to my children.

For Science we will be using Sonlight's science that is suggested for Core A.

Language Arts is where we split things up. We purchased Sonlight's LA K for both Obed and Avner but I don't expect them to go at the same pace. The begining seems to fit where Avner is and Obed will move through the begining quickly without much trouble. Rachael will be doing LA 2.

In Math we are using Singapore 2 A and B for Rachael. We are doing Singapore Early bird Kindergarten math for both Obed and Avner but like Language Arts I don't expect them to go at the same pace.

Teaching my children is a job and I still feel so new at this but with the excitement overriding the fear I am ready to jump in.

Sonlight Core A

Core A science


LA 2

Singapore Early Bird Kindergarten Math

Singapore math 2