Fans, Heatsinks, and adapters, oh my!

I got my order from Newegg. A bunch of heatsinks and fans, and a keyboard for the wife. I plan to use the heatsinks for LED lighting. I also got a few fans to compare with the stock fans that come with the heatsinks. I went with all 120mm parts, and low speed fans.



Newegg also decided to throw in a free Mounting Clip and Molex to SATA Power Adapter Cable. The 30mm Evercool fan is a replacement for our old dying Toshiba projector. I'm tired of taking it apart to oil the fan. As for spending $25 on a fan, yeah it's a bit much, but the data available for most fans lack important details, making the specs no better than subjective statements of "quieter than anything else I've had". I have no choice other than trying out a few brands. Honestly I'm not sure what to expect.