Finally Snow

Snow has finally come, now that we are in the second week of November. This is the first year in my memory that I didn't see snow by at least October. The kids are excited about the snow especially Rachael who has been asking me every five minutes if she can go play in the snow.

I held off until after lunch. It takes time and effort to get 3 little ones ready to go play in the snow. When I started the process of snow pants, boots, coats, ect., I began to wonder if we would ever make it outside, but we did. Rachael and I even managed a small snowman. After we got in and got out of all the snow attire the we enjoyed some hot chocolate and banana chocolate chip muffins. I feel as if I have conquered something. I have learn this last spring and summer that a good part of my sanity is getting the kids and myself outside for at least part of the day. I was wondering if I could do it when it gets cold. The answer is YES. Getting out takes a bit more effort than when it is warm but it is definitely doable. Now to get myself some snow boots and pants so can last a bit longer down in the snow with them.