I said I would write

All the best intentions. Now to follow through. I said my goal was to write something at least once a month, this starts now. So many times I will have thoughts flitting through my head and I think I should share them. Now that I am sitting down writing I can't recall any of them. A little update. Rachael is singing more and more, where before she sang a word or two of a song now she sings them all and does the motions. Obed's curiosity gets him into everything I want him to stay out of and he is getting faster on his feet. Cedar is enjoying his job. He recently had to take a break from Geo-hashing and GeoCaching due to his GPS not functioning but now it is repaired and he will be out again soon. I and the kids along for the ride if the hiking isn't to much. Me, I'm Round, Big and Round, I have about 4 weeks left before the next baby that is if I go all the way to the due date. You would think Pregnancies get easier as you go but with little ones already here my energy levels are taxed. All for a good cause though. I could never give up either Obed or Rachael and or this little one I haven't met yet. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. I hope to write more and share my heart and insight and maybe hear from you all in some comments. I'll also be giving family updates.. Love and Blessings to you all.