Ideal Kind of Day

Yesterday was a good day, the kind of day that just makes me smile.

I was able to keep the kitchen working and clean while keeping up with the usual meals as well as making Pita, my first real baking since Avner was born. I also got some other things done. The great part was along with getting things done I also spent time playing with my precious children. I had to smile when Rachael cleaned up her toys before dinner with no argument. To make the day even better, after dinner Cedar played a new game with Rachael that will help her learn binary numbers, while Obed and I had fun cleaning up from dinner. I find it amazing that I can wash dishes at the same time one of the children is playing in the dish water,(helping me). Obed was also showing me that he is learning to follow my directions, some of them anyway. Cedar also made us a GO board last night and started to teach me how to play. You can't beat a day where tasks are accomplished and time you have fun with the family.