Last day of 2009 little blessings and high hopes for 2010

On this last day of 2009, I have been given many precious little blessings.

I woke up feeling good, which is always nice. While doing some de-cluttering and reorganizing I found an earring I lost at least 4 years ago, finding it was like getting new jewelery. The top blessings this morning were Obed allowing me to cuddle with him before his nap. He is usually too busy to be bothered with cuddling with mommy most days. Just after Obed started his nap, I had the pleasure of curling up on the couch with Rachael looking at cards. I was all full of warm fuzzies. The day has continued well. This day has allowed me to look at this year that is coming to an end with eyes that see the blessings rather than the hard parts. I have great hopes and plans for 2010. What ever happen or how thing work out. I and my family will continue to seek God and rejoice even in the smallest blessings that he gives. Happy New Year Everyone!

Ohh... another blessing even as I as writing this Cedar called to tell me he was coming home early :)