Our Homeschooling is now OFFICIAL.

It is official, I have notified our school district that we will be homeschooling our 6 yr. old daughter. I bounded around with excitement and told anyone who would listen after I turned in our letter of intent.

Another milestone we have now passed is purchasing curriculum. I have met and read blogs of amazing homeschool parents who create there own curriculum or at least make there own lesson plans but alas that is not what I am able to do.

I started working with my kiddos before this but I would get stuck and even start to panic as I attempted to create a lesson plan beyond a day. So we would do something for a couple of days and then nothing for several more. Hence my excitement for purchasing an already planned out curriculum. I need to let someone else do the major planning while I enjoy my kids. Perhaps when I get a year or two under my belt I'll be more bold and do my own.

Curriculum we purchased.

For our Daughter we order Sonlight's grade 1 multi package with core B and Singapore math instead of Horizons. From what I've seen of the material I am excited about the lesson plan already done for me and the literature base learning. The list of books has this book worm tingling all over.

For our sons we will be using My Father's World Kindergarten. The main draw with this one was the character lessons integrated into it.

I am planning to have Rachael tag along with the boys and the boys with her on some things. Yay for children who want to do things together.

As curriculum arrives and we get started I hope to let everyone know how it is going.