Two Weeks in to Homeschool

Here we are two weeks into homeschooling and I and the kids are still happy and excited. Yay! Things must be going well when the children have pretend school during play time. So far I have to say the choosing a curriculum that has lessons planned out for me was a good idea. During these two weeks I have had days I felt like wonder woman who can go all day and accomplish everything and I have had days I didn't feel like doing anything but snooze on the couch. During the sleepy days we still did school and because I didn't have to figure out what to do I just followed the plan. I also found that routines and needing a schedule is good for me. As we have had to set aside time to do school I am better at doing my house up keep routines that I have been working to establish for a long time. Who knew I could teach my children and keep up with the laundry too. I must point out the reason I have any routines that I can put with the school schedule is because of Flylady. My following of what Flylady teaches has not been spot on but learning routines has been very valuable for me. for those who want to know more about all that.

I am enjoying the flexibility we have. While I like to start promptly a 9 every morning I have already learned that somedays I need to let my self for the kids sleep in. So we start late and do a bit more in the afternoon. No Worries.