Update 20090413

In about a week Obed will be 5 months old, and he is fitting comfortably in 9 month cloths. More evidence he will pass Rachael up. We have had great fun as he becomes more interactive and gives us lots of smiles.
Rachael is a ball of energy and as soon as we get her dressed in the morning she is saying or asking "outside yard". She loves going outside. Her increased vocabulary has been fun too, both with the excitement of her communicating with words and the funny things she'll say as she learns. Today we playing with her blocks that have pictures on them and she pointed at a pineapple and said "apple pie." Cedar says that she has her priorities strait.
Cedar and I had some fun on our own as we took a trip to Grand Junction for our 4 year anniversary. A weekend of biking, wine tasting and caching.