What's happening?

This year has been a busy year. Last year as well as this year were difficult, but these past few months have seen healing and restoration. This coming year is going to be a good year. So what's been happening?

Throughout everything our children keep growing. It seems that always happens no matter what you try. Earlier in the year I explored some of the science and art of surveying and started writing a resection calculator. The experimental results were promising even though the angle measurements were primitive. I worked a little on an apparatus for angle measurement that's basically a large Gray code rotary encoder. And with that I needed a tool, so I wrote an angular Gray code calculator to decode the bits and convert the result to degrees and mils. With warmer weather we attempted to get back into riding our bikes. We found a second bike trailer at a garage sale, but at that age Avner didn't much like riding in it. Perhaps this year. I looked into hydroponic and aeroponic gardening and hope to continue it with warmer weather. We did manage to grow some beans with a very primitive hydroponics setup. One basil plant survived and is still growing now. The second half of the year was very busy at work with the launch of the Gaiam TV web site, which involved a lot of crunching and transferring of video data (many TB). We've also improved the server infrastructure which I'll write about separately.

Throughout all of this I've discovered some awareness of the rate of the passage of time, learning patience from various projects. I have difficulty finding satisfaction in progress of a long term project, looking only toward the end result goal that cannot yet be reached. Watching the beans grow as the days and weeks passed was a long process, but one I only had to wait for. The same is true of the aquarium we started at the end of last year. Like our children the fish have grown, and out of sight the microscopic organisms have too. I've learned a lot about microbiology as it relates to aquariums and water treatment, but waiting for growth of something unseen requires patience. It's one thing to prepare an experiment and come back in a few hours, or maybe the next day, but waiting 10-20 days is a challenge. A different challenge is working on a project for only a few hours, one day a week, in a different city. Thought and planning can happen in the days in between, but that's all. And that's a project to write about another time.